Fantasy Ebooks from The Worldsmith's Forge

One of the pressing matters that I have found within the written fantasy genera, and extending over to fantasy ebooks, is the notion of length and series.  Traditionally every author who had some success with their writings automatically produced a second then third book and in some cases the productions never ceased revolving around either a popular character or storyline.  To me this notion of length is all important as readers must feel a sense of satisfaction and closure when they complete their read, at the same time writers want to properly develop their plot, characters and worlds so finding that balance is vital to the success of a story and series.  I have looked at this issue in greater depth before in one of my other articles. 

An interesting side note that is not dissucssed there is the new trend of authors who write for ebooks to write a novella rather than a full length story.  A personal choice maybe but a crafty one at that as typically these products are free fantasy ebook downloads which give you a complete short story but also give you a taste of the author's style, characters, setting and enthusiasm and are designed to get you to explore the rest of the works that the author has done which are full works for sale.  Now I actually think this is a great idea as it helps to bring new people into the world of ebooks and expands the consumer base to the benefit of all.